australian customs? questions??!

  1. australian customs? questions??!

    i put in a order for 1 katandrol and 2x packs of unleashed post cycle for my pct.

    any info on aussie customs?

  2. Know of Ausbrahs who have being getting in Beastdrol etc (even when customs has opened the package) Katanadrol should be fine but if you've looked around on other boards our customs is very hit or miss. The Unleashed/post cycle should be fine as I have ordered them both before and got them ^_^

  3. Mate it basically comes down to luck, I've had packages inspected and let through and then seized.. the only certainty I can advise is, never order through DHL they are arseholes! (ie if you order from NP you must specify USPS else it goes via DHL!)

  4. alright true true.

  5. I would order most of your things from ebay then.They can make the package discreet so that the government won't know about it.If I were you I would contact some of the Zyzz gang to see what they have on hand.

    I read a thread a while back on and Chestbrah was giving out sources he knew that would internally post AAS and pH's around Australia.



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