clen cycle doses

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    clen cycle doses

    could do with some info on this product. I have read the various data sheets on the product, i am
    going away in 7 weeks and need to cut up before i go. I have tappered up to 100mcg a day and
    have been using for two weeks. Alot of people say two weeks on two weeks of, is that the best way to go.
    it's just with limited time i have, it will only allow a couple more weeks using this product. would i be able
    to do three on with 1 week on if i keep playing with the dossage to stop my body getting us to the
    dossage in my system.
    i have done a steroid cycle before so i am used to have diffrent chemicals in my body and up to now have never
    suffered with any sides. any help would be gratefully recived.
    Many thanks

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    If I remember correctly clen starts to lose its fatloss properties after about two weeks. Your body gets used to it.

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