1,4 andro transdermal results

  1. 1,4 andro transdermal results

    I forgot I hadn't posted this here:


    A had 6g of 1,4

    B had 12g of 1,4

  2. Sounds pretty poor. Has anyone had any good results running 1,4 by itself orally?

  3. Originally posted by pogue
    Sounds pretty poor. Has anyone had any good results running 1,4 by itself orally?

  4. um i cant find this ,but is this the dione? if so why the dione instead of the diol..as it has now become clear through a lengthy debate between pa and llewellyn that the diones r more orally active

  5. It's a dione. In this case both parties agree that it is superior to the diol, which may be more estrogenic.

  6. I bought some of BDC's 1,4diol and I didn't think it was very good. Not, that the products are bad, just the hormone itself

    It took forever to start working and I had to keep uping the dose to notice the effects. No estrogen sides, but by the time I started noticing the effects I ran out.

  7. i would love to try the diol transdermally..u know both parties were referring to the oral route and no the trans route

  8. I'm pretty sure that it will be more estrogenic either way since it's a function of its chemical structure. .

  9. well the comment was that there was a ring that "resembled " estradiol on the diol..but i think theres a lot of people who have tried it on this site orally and no reports of gyno etc,and chemo also looked at it and decided on the diol and i value his opinion more than either p.a's or llewellyn's right now

  10. To each their own. Good luck if you decide to experiment.


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