SD/Tren Bridge

  1. SD/Tren Bridge

    What's up fellas. On December 5th I started my SD-Tren (4,9 estra...X-Tren clone). Ran SD @ 20mg for first 3 weeks, and in week 3 added in 80mg of tren for the bridge. I'm on week 5 of the cycle and currently running the tren @ 120mg. Training was interrupted during week 4 due to holiday travel (went back to Detroit for Christmas), but I'm back in the gym heavy now.

    Supports I'm running:
    Organ Shield - 2 caps daily
    P5P - 2 caps daily (50mg each; total of 100mg daily)

    Sides so far:
    -Extreme lethargy from the SD in the beginning. Weird because I've run SD in 2 other cycles and have never felt as bad as I did this time. I'm using Transform Forged, which is definitely good to go because I blew the f uck up. Lethargy has subsided after the bridge to tren solo.

    -Prolactin...this is what I was afraid of with the tren. Noticed a milky white liquid from my left nipple today. Should I up the dose of P5P??? Also, I have half a bottle of Erase on hand. Would this benefit me now or should I save for PCT?

    -Tren d*ck. Every PH/DS lowers your libido, and tren is no different. Not completely shutdown, but I'm sure I will be by the time I start PCT.

    -Bacne. Nothing too serious, and nothing I can't get over. Painful, yes, but a deal-breaker, no.

    -Nightsweats. Again, not that serious.

    PCT is going to be:
    Torem 90/60/60/30
    DAA 3g/3g/3g/3g

    Any critique will be beneficial. Really interested in getting this leaky nipple at bay.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. What were your stats before cycle?

    Did the milky thing start happening before or after taking the tren?

  3. what up my Motor City brotha!?

    milky discharge ehh. i had very slight discharge following a designer tren run. did you have to squeeze it to make it come out or did it just come out by itself? in either case, make sure you dont touch/play with them, as im sure you know, it will stimulate more prolactin.

    i would up the dose of p-5-p. pretty sure p-5-p is non toxic, unlike large amounts of B6, and it seems many have success with p-5-p.
    toss in some L-dopa as well if you have it to. if it doesnt clear up pretty quickly, i would get caber. caber may help with the tren-dick as a bonus.
    VO2 Max = 58.75mL/kg/min
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  4. That is a very anabolic and lower androgenic cycle. You can try to acquire dostinex from an online pharmacy as I would not trust the stability of liquid research quality. You could try to attack progesterone with vitex -(chasetberry) and attack the low androgen profile from adding in AndroHard v3 into your current stack.


  5. Stats before were 6'1" 183, now I'm at 189. Milk happened after the tren, and heebs (DTOWN!!!!) it happened when I squeezed them. I'm going to up the P5P 50mg ED and see where that goes. Going to pick up some L-Dopa today, too.

    Matt, thanks for the input. If the P5P and L-Dopa don't do the trick, I'll definitely look into that.

  6. During a tren cycle, I experienced a slightly less similar issue in the past, I did not lactate much, just a small wet spot, but was very puffy. I used the OTC like vitex (chasetberry), P5P, L-Dopa and it helped some, but seemed fairly weak and slow, until the Dostinex arrived which kicked in very quick and took care of the issue.
    Dostinex (cabergoline) is typically not stable in liquid form, causing a short shelf life, which is why many suggest pharmacy.
    Prami (pramipexole) is typically stable in the liquid research form. But Prami can mess with your head and sleep patterns, unless you slowly increase the dose.
    If you are like me, once you have had the issue, you will be sensitive to it in the future and have to be extra precautious. Typically I use a low level prami/Dostinex, P5P, L-Dopa at the start of any tren cycle and still feel it sometimes.
    It is your decision, but If it was me I would have aquire Prami or Dostinex.
    IMO Matt was right on with his recommendations. There is some wisdom there.

  7. Get you some Caber, life will fairly improve. That is a harsh cycle man, no surprise you are getting sides at those doses.
    If my direct and cynical approach bothers you, just ignore it. I'm just saying what you need to hear ;).


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