Milk Thistle inhibits gains while on oral cycle

  1. Milk Thistle inhibits gains while on oral cycle

    Is this true?

    Should I just load up milk thistle pre and post cycle, and not take it during? (it's an hdrol cycle, not to hepatotoxic)

    Is it better to opt for something like Liv 52 (i.e liver support with NO milk thistle) or NAC during cycle, or post cycle?

    I was about 99% ready to start my cycle (75/75/75/75/75/100) until I read this

  2. In my limited research I've found this

    http : // www .ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/pubmed/11532861

    I think I should be safe if I dose Milk Thistle once before bed, separated from hdrol dosing. But if it negates the effectiveness of the cycle, I have no qualms in decreasing my liver support to minimum (only dose liv support pre and post cycle). I'm not too worried about hdrol.

  3. Take milk thistle.
    Space your caps 4 hours apart from the PH that's what I did.
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  4. ^^^^ yeah, do that...It's always worked for me ^^^^
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1 View Post
    Take milk thistle.
    Space your caps 4 hours apart from the PH that's what I did.
    That's what I recommend. I'm on 12mg Ultradrol right now and I space the three 4MG dosings out 6 hours. So I take the MT about 3 hours after each dose of UD.

    Of course - I'm just thinking about eliminating it entirely though. I drink NO alcohol on cycle and don't even take any meds or pain meds that have a negative effect on liver. With Epi and UD - it's probably fine to skip the MT - not so with SuperDrol though I think.

  6. Tudca instead of milk thistle, liver longer is the product, sometimes milk thistle doesn't do jack, but Tudca bloods I have seen look awesome


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