1,4AD Info

  1. 1,4AD Info

    Can anyone shoot me some basic info on 1,4ad. I know all about it converting to equipose(Boldenon) and I understand the properties of that AS.

    What im wondering is:

    Whats a good dose and cycle length? I will prob use it alone, and then on my next cycle use it with m1t or methyl-dien.

    PCT? Yes, Nolva/Clomid im sure

    And, Dione or Diol? I believe Diol usually gives the higher conversion rate in most PH cases, but ive heard Dione actually gets a higher conversion rate for this one product, as well as letting in some estrogen which can be beneficial.

    Also post any results uve had with it as well!(Ill be using tab/cap form, not transdermally)


  2. Use Boldeone from Molecular Nutrition 1,4

    I put on between 10-12 pounds within 4 weeks, without
    increasing my calories.

    took 300 mg a day.

    Morning: 100 mg Afternoon: 100 mg Evening: 100 mg

    I am 170 pounds at 5'8

  3. Well the topic for dione or diol is still up for debate. Ppl are saying the dione version is better because it converts at about the same percent or so and also comes with a little bit of estrogen, which can be beneficial.

    But in the link given to me above, the diol version is suggested to be the best. Possibly a direct precursor or something.

  4. I THink you might be off on thinking that 1.4ad is causes estrogen.it interacts with the androgen receptors.It also is a very mild PH(SAFE)its usually stacked with 1ad.It just happens to be very expensive considering that doses have to be very high(900mgs) and taken at least for 6wks-IMO.(4wks b4 it really kicks in).wHEN I RAN IT I USED MOLECULAR NUTRITION'S-BOLDIONE,not realizing i had cheaper way out using 1fast.Depending on ur goals it could be stacked to gain mass or get lean.

  5. dione or diol it doesn't matter.. you have to find out
    what's best for you.... it's like with anabolic steroids
    there are some products they work best for you and
    you put on pounds like crazy and the same product
    doesn't work on other people.

    Most people are so into M1T and it seems to work well....
    but also not for me.

    so have a go with a product and see if it works for you.

    write everything down ( food plan, how you work out,body
    weight, BF% etc.)
    while you are on PH so you can see if they work.


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