ED while on test cycle O.o

  1. ED while on test cycle O.o

    I get ED on cycle, with a base of test and even with test only. I was wondering if this could be because I don't use an Aromatose Inhibitor.
    I've had gyno since puberty and plan to get surgery so I just never felt the need to use an AI, even though I keep arimidex in my stash.

    a week or two after I finished my last "and first" cycle, which was test-P, I was back in the game with a rock-hard erection.

    would taking an AI from the beginning help? is there anything else I can do to combat this?


  2. Quote Originally Posted by RH2012 View Post
    probably not. its the high dose causing this. try viagra
    i only use 500mg/week. lately it's been better, but i can't really tell you why. I've been taking vitaming D-3, maybe that helped along the same lines as thyroid helping? similar to hypo-thyroid causing ED. D-3 and thyroid are related but I can't explain it very well..

    just a thought

  3. Odd. You might try some DAA to see if that helps

  4. Have you ever tried anything to counter prolactin (like caber or OTC stuff)? Prolactin is upregulated by estrogen, so if your test is aromatizing, your ED could be caused by prolactin.

    Also check your blood pressure - that can cause ED.

    I'm not a doctor, and relatively new at the chemistry game, but those are two things I'd look at since you're not on AI and you're taking test.



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