Final Havok Cycle Outline

  1. Final Havok Cycle Outline

    Ok so I'm 185lbs 22 years old and I'll be running Havok as my first PH cycle.

    Pre-cycle I'll be using saw palmetto,milk thistle,hawthorn berry
    Throughout entire cycle I'll be using Taurine

    I'll be running the Havok at

    20/ week one
    30/ week two
    30/ week three
    40/ week four
    40/ week five
    50/ week six

    On cycle I'll be using AI cycle support

    I'll be running Nolva at 40/40/20/20
    PCS at 0/0/4/4/4/4
    Erase 3 a day for 4 weeks 0/0/3/3/3/3

    Should I run the erase from the day I end the cycle or will it be ok just running the Nolva?

    Hows this looking lads?


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