Ph ban

  1. Ph ban

    I know about the pstanz and sd ban that will most likely go into effect but I read something about an all encompassing ban that should cover everything. Someone plz tell me the all encompassing bill is fake or won't work.

  2. I saw the the list somewhere and it was very long, hopefully it won't pass but if it does I'm gonna have to go on over to the darkside.

  3. I hear protein powder may be banned too... apparently it helps build muscle or something.

  4. The gubbbermintz has all of the 'proposed rules' listed for the public to see. Aside from the SD / pstanz ban on the table, there are no others.

    Now there may be some things going on behind closed doors.. proposals, maybe a team of people working on something, etc, but as of now, there has been nothing proposed. See link below:

  5. Better stock up..Man companies that sell these ph/ps/ds products love customers like you!.

  6. Letz stawk on everything!!!



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