(ZMA,Liver supp)best during or after cycle?

  1. Question (ZMA,Liver supp)best during or after cycle?

    Just completed 2 wks of mohn-1,4ad and starting 2wks of m5aa,I have on hand i bottle of each(zma,milkthistle)Should i wait to complete this cycle or start taking them now? THX

  2. What's your PCT plan? Just ZMA?

  3. what kind of results did you get with just 2 weeks. and what doses. Ive heard milk thistle and zma after cycle. I would get something more for pct like nolva.

  4. Some ppl need to fall BACK,instead of wanting to sound like some bona-fide chemist,the question is simple when should zma & milk thistle be taken,not if its good for pct.

  5. For what it's worth too you,I have 60x0 and nolva on hand.Few months ago i purchased some zma, liver supp's but the zma has expiration date of 9/04 so that's where question originated from....



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