8 weeks into Test E/Prop Cycle and feel nothing?

  1. 8 weeks into Test E/Prop Cycle and feel nothing?

    long story short
    i started a cycle at 201 lbs BULKING.
    so far ive hit 210 since i started, while dosing my AI so there was little-no water retension

    So i jumpstarted a 14 week test e cycle with 5 weeks of prop. prop felt great, amazing pumps, crazy libido until it ended.
    my sex drive dropped a bit but all i could think about was the gym and food so i didnt give a faurk
    the thing is, im now EIGHT (8) weeks into my test e and i don't feel ****, the weight i've put on is mostly because of the food i've been eating i feel.

    My pumps are crazy unless i take my preworkout ( C4) and i just ran out and today was the FIRST day the whole cycle i have not taken a preworkout.
    I got to the gym, barely got a pump, and i have a really bad hamstring problem my doc said i enflamed it because im so unflexible, so i havnt done legs in atleast a month, and cant do low rows and most bent over excercises due to my hammy.

    Today i was realising i don't think the test is working.

    I feel IF IT WAS FAKE that i would def be getting like nasty sides and what not, but every inj is smooth, no soreness after a nice rub and heat ( only occasionally) no fever, no swelling, no hot flashes, NO SIDES at all that are infection related.

    the only thing is my back has broken out quite harshly

    the prop worked great but i feel this E could be bunk.

    also this is oversea eurogear E if that helps and i was sold it by a very very close friend whom i still talk to daily.

    anyone know what the problem could be? am i just being impatient? I just feel like whatever i've put on is just from diet.

    Thank you for everyone who reads this
    in advance


  2. odd.....did you get the prop and enth from the same place?? What brand or pharm are they ??

  3. was actually hoping you'd see this post gymrat hahah

    both are EuroGearPharma(international)

    never ANY problems, a few heat lumps thats about it.
    maybe ill potent?
    they are ampoules and my last one with thursday, then 5 weeks of a different test e in a vial i still need to filter

  4. bump need answers guys (

  5. Fake doesn't mean bad sides, but this is odd for sure sorry I have nothing useful lol
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  6. Did you up the E dose to match what you where on with the P? Obviously the first 5 weeks would've been higher for the test with both esters
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  7. i actually didnt i thought id get a great peak and slowly come off the peak but i never even got one...kept at 500mg a week. unsure maybe its just super ill potent? i have a new brand im starting monday do you think id start gains off the bat with something new?

  8. As long as what you're currently on is indeed real then you shouldn't hafta wait another ~4 weeks for a kick-in...

    How much prop was you running a week?
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  9. 100mg EOD, sometimes 2ml ( mixed with E)
    had great pump, libido and felt great on it

  10. Bump it to 750/wk and see what that does. Also, in wk 9 gains typically stall, good time to add dbol or drol or SuperDMZ.
    If my direct and cynical approach bothers you, just ignore it. I'm just saying what you need to hear ;).

  11. 300 to 400 less a week is quite a drop....I too would bump the E and see what happens....prolly take a bit to notice unfortunately, tho
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  12. but wouldnt it have kicked in in general? i still have been running for a good 9 weeks.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by uniifirex View Post
    but wouldnt it have kicked in in general? i still have been running for a good 9 weeks.
    yes. it could just be weak. you were on before cuz the prop was good. up the dose to 750, and than to 900 if you still dont get much. it will take a bit of time to show cuz it tes e so dont jump to a 900 after if you used 750 for 2 days and saw nothing.

    hope and pray you get results with 750mg, than you ll just end up with 11 wks or so.

  14. idk how i could do that gymrat, i have 9ml's left atm...should i buy more? im curious as to how long i can safely run this because my sex drive is all over the place as is. if i run for 750/900 a week, will this drastically change neg sides??

  15. well if its bunk it wont matter(neg sides). Dont buy more. If you do get the prop only. goto 750 now. Pin 3 times a re post.....so we ll see what happens in 10 days.

    Side effects will go up with the dose....but you arent getting any effect at all?? so what do you have to lose?? goto 750 and run a low dose light AI (aromasin @ 12.5mg or adex .25mg EOD or erase 1 cap ED)

  16. well i have a REALLY thick oil now and i just stuck first time today with new enanthate, so im hoping this is better im gonna see in a few days, but ill def take your advice and hit 750.....if i feel a change should i run the cycle longer? since the bunk stuff did nothing

    edit- stuck yesterday


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