Soreness on cycle

  1. Soreness on cycle

    I did bench press yesterday, and my usual workout leaves me quite sore the next day. While on epi, I can definitely feel a tightness, but I'm not actually sore. If I bench again today, I would fatigue quicker I'm sure but I could actually get a good work out in. Is this normal?

    PS: I did squat a few days ago, 10X5 and I couldn't walk the next day. So maybe its not epi giving me super recovery.

  2. still give yourself 72-96 hrs to recover regardless what your on. min 72hr

  3. agreed with gymrat. Gear is NOT a substitute for proper nutrition and most importantly REST AND SLEEP in regards to muscle recovery.

  4. Ditto on both of those replies. Most people think that they are invincible. REST is key,,, give it a lil time and you'll see...
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