Super DMZ, help with cycle

  1. Super DMZ, help with cycle

    Hey guys, this will be my 3rd run of a PH but this time I am using Ironmanlabs super DMZ! My first 2 were H-drol and they went pretty good. My only sides were dry joints and little shutdown, last run was last June. Both runs I gained 10lbs but the 2nd run I lost allot of the gains! I would like to keep as much as possible, both times I used OTC PCT as I dont have anyway of getting anything else. Looking for some help on this.

    Right now I have liver support and a prostate support I am going to start taking now, anything I should run on cycle also. I am only running 1 bottle as well.

    As far as PCT... what is best OTC stuff I could run and should I add creatine in pct to help keep my gains?

    I would like a dry hard gain and keep what I can, thanks for any help.

  2. Here is what I was looking at. FormX, T911 stack and DAA. Then maybe add some creatine in about 2 weeks into PCT. And a good multi the time.

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