BEST PCT ? Nolva, Clomid, 6oxo, Forma

  1. Question BEST PCT ? Nolva, Clomid, 6oxo, Forma

    For a typical 6 week cycle of 1ad/4ad orals, mid strength mg, what would be the best/cheapest way to it necessary to use BOTH Nolva and 60X0,,,help and opinions appreciated.

  2. Nolva alone would be fine, considering that even works for real AAS.

  3. Nolva alone is plenty.

  4. thanks guys, would anyone recomend using formastane on such a cycle (for the 4ad bloat)?

  5. I did some formestane on cycle cause 4AD/1T/M1T was blowing me up like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. I think it helped, but I switched to letro as soon as it arrived and dropped the formestane. I also lowered my t/d doses by about 50% (of the 4AD and 1T). I'd try the formestane, though. It should help.

    As for PCT, I go nolva 4-6 weeks with trib, ZMA, and liver supps (after 8 weeks on). I also am gonna do some 7-OXO t/d. Water, rest, protein, and calories may be the best "supplements" of all...

  6. thanks milwood for feedback,,,now for liver supps do you mean hawthorn and milkthistle or liver tabs (or both, why not )

  7. I use everyting, cause I want to be covered regarding my health as much as possible while using strong substances that are toxic. I use these daily during cycle and in PCT: Milk Thistle, 1000-1500mg; NAC 1200-1800mg; ALA 1000mg; Hawthorn 1000mg (look for standardized extract, and I think 500mg of that would be fine. Right now I have NOW brand, and its just regular, so it needs higher dosing. This is primarily for blood pressure, so its entirely possible you don't need it much post cycle).I also use A-L-carnitine 3 grams, Taurine 2-4 grams, EFA 3-6 grams, potassium (varied, mostly on cycle for cramping, with the Taurine. I get stuff in bulk from everywhere, cause if I didn't I'd go broke! You might wanna go with someone's brand of liver support tabs, but the ones I saw don't have the dosing or proportions I want.

  8. BTW, What is "letro" you mentioned "I switched to letro as soon as it arrived and dropped the formestane"?

  9. letrozole (femera)

  10. Letrozole is an anti-E, very good for bloating. Check out for info on specifics and studies. I PM'd you with a source, if you're interested in it.

  11. will taking letrozole while on cyle act like taking nolva on cycle meaning that while it can keep the bloat down it will also minimize gains? or is letro somehow different? and if they are not different is it any better or worse than nolva in terms of combating bloat?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by jeremiah1710
    thanks guys, would anyone recomend using formastane on such a cycle (for the 4ad bloat)?
    Look dude, you don't need any anti-e on an oral cycle of 1ad/4ad. Some estrogen is good, and will help you gain mass. Use Nolva always, it's cheaper than 6-oxo, and works much better.

  13. appreciate all the feedback, when i start the stack I'll keep a detailed thread.


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