Rpn havoc

  1. Rpn havoc

    So I bought a bottle havoc off the web and it had no expiration. I sent in a ticket asking and they said FDA does not require exp on PHs. Whatever I don't care I really just wanted to know the manufacture date. Most likely they r selling expired havoc yes? I know it should still be good but it's just nice to when ur havoc was made. Anyone have ideas or input?

  2. Don't worry about it, just take it. People have successful cycles years after expiration.

  3. I know it is still good that's not really my concern. One issue is that if I'm buying expired product it should be discounted. Also it's nice to know the manufacture date so that I can put fresh bottles in my stash while using the older ones. Guess I'll have to order 3 bottles epistane cuz I'm pretty sure ibe is making them fresh. Whereas rpn havoc has been discontinued for how many years?

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