Natadrol HELP!

  1. Natadrol HELP!

    Ok guys, need some suggestions here! I have been taking natadrol, first bottle I took 6 pills a day... got NOTHING from it other then a good pump, no real gains at all. Opened my second bottle and after a week I said fu%k going to try 8 pills a day! I am FINALLY getting results and I am about 4 days out of it! I gained 2lbs, lots of veins, and my diet has been pretty good since the start. My question is this, can I run 2 more bottles at 8 a day? I was thinking about adding some creatine also, I think the hole thing would put me at about 10 weeks on this stuff... but hell the first 4 weeks did nothing! I hate to stop because I feel like a beast this week. Is this stuff hard on your liver? Thanks

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