Frist Impression: Androhard/Androdrive V3

  1. Frist Impression: Androhard/Androdrive V3

    I received my bottles of Androhard V3 and Androdrive V3 this week and because I like to use the AM forums to see what supplements are working for people, I thought I'd throw my first impression out there to give back to the good people lurking on AnabolicMinds.

    About me - I've cycled a variety of hormonal products including Hdrol, Mdrol, 1-AD, 1-Tren, Furazadrol, MethylRage, Test Prop, Epistane & Havoc, MMV2, and M1T. I've been off everything for around 2 years and I saw that primordial had released some new products, so I thought I'd dabble with them. I had a blood panel and physical done beforehand, checked out in the normal range for everything - I'll have another done in 5 months or so to make sure I'm healthy after cycle - I recommend it for anyone using any hormonal products.

    I've always responded well to DHT and related drugs, I'm a mesomorph so bulking is never the issue, and I like the alpha feeling and energy I get from DHT. I may add that out of all the PH/PS I've cycled, the only product that I used an entire bottle of was methylrage and halodrol - great stuff! Most of the others made me feel too ****ty to run a second cycle.

    So on to the good stuff -

    AndroDrive: I took three pills when I woke up with breakfast as the bottle said to do, which is supposedly half the dose. About two hours later I started feeling uncomfortable at work and it lasted for 5 or 6 hours...I don't know how to describe it really, just an uncomfortable nervous feeling. It wasn't really a stimulant feeling, though I did feel very awake, it was just more of a feeling that if I didn't walk around or fidget that I might come out of my skin. I'm pretty accustomed to various stimulants, and in fact I only had one cup of coffee that morning as opposed to my typical 2-3 because I wanted to really gauge the effect of my new yellow pills. I don't think that I'm overly sensitive, it just has an odd effect that you'd have to feel to get what I'm describing.

    Day two of Andordrive I had the same experience. I'll probably opt to take just one of these with my AndroHard for the rest of the cycle to avoid the uncomfortable feeling I was getting. I may add that if you have a manual labor type job, you may like this more than I do, I'm flying a desk these days. Maybe moving around non-stop all day would alleviate the negative feeling - but I definitely would ease into this one.

    AndroHard: I had tried the old V2 and had some limited success with it, though I'm pretty sure it made me spew breakfast at work one day, which was a little inconvenient. That made me a little gun shy to order more. This new version 3 promises no nausea, and a 24 hour release - sounds appealing on paper anyway.

    I started the first day with three pills, as the bottle recommends, and around 1.5 hours after taking it I felt a subtle sense of energy and confidence - typical DHT feelings. I had the subtle feeling for 6 or 7 hours, and when I hit the weights after work I could really feel something different, which isn't usually typical with any product, so I was excited. My stamina and motivation seemed to be noticeably increased. Of course, the placebo effect is very powerful, so it could be placebo, but given the negative experience I felt with androdrive, and my previous experience with vomiting at work with AHV2, I want to say that I wasn't expecting miracles and that this is how I will feel everyday on cycle - time will tell.

    Summary: Take it easy on the androdrives till you get a feel for them, and the androhard seems legit - in any case, they are certainly converting to some target hormones. I'm looking forward to a hassle free 8 week cycle.

    If you haven't ever taken any hormonal products before, I want to go ahead and throw it out here that these aren't the magic pill you're looking for - it's that food your eating. You ingest a lot more food than you do supplements, and that's where the actual magic happens, the gym and the supplements are just icing on the cake! You can't out train a bad diet.

    I hope my little review helps some of you out.

    - JW

  2. Androdrive isn't something to take if you're sedentary and don't have anything to do. It literally makes you want to get up and do something.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


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