1,4 Andro worth the cost?

  1. 1,4 Andro worth the cost?

    Im now thinking of adding 600mg of 1,4andro-dione to my 1st 1Test/4AD cycle. Im planning on:

    200mg 1test
    200mg 4AD
    600mg 1,4andro

    For 2 4week cycles, this will cost over $100, just for the 1,4.

    Do you think that its advantages are worth the extra cash?

    Thanks for any input

  2. 1,4andro can sometimes take 2-3 weeks to kick in, so it might not be such an advantage on a shorter cycle. It is a great PH though and would be cheaper to buy some powder from kilosports and cap your own pills (as I plan to do in the near future). Anywho, you might leave it out on this cycle and use it on a 6weeker.

    Good luck.

  3. Thanks for the tip, pogue. Its still pricey in bulk - I was planning on capping my own and it still comes to over $100 for 36g. (600g a day for 60days).


  4. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga View Post
    Thanks for the tip, pogue. Its still pricey in bulk - I was planning on capping my own and it still comes to over $100 for 36g. (600g a day for 60days).

    Damn that is still pricey

  5. That is pretty pricey. $100 anyway you go is what its looking like if you want it haha
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  6. In my opinion, you have to dose the Andro products so high to see any effect it becomes cost prohibitive. At least thats my experience. Im currently in the 4th week of a 1,4 Andro cycle and I see nada. Thought I did a couple times but it was just wishful thinking lol.

  7. Companies that only deal with andro(dhea) have put lost of science into increasing the the quality and delivery system. Do not waist money on bulk powder look into liquid delivery much better, safer, and cheaper. You can get the entire cycle for under 100 that includes pct. Just look around.

  8. Liquid delivery, effervescent blah blah blah. I thought the same thing bro. But it comes down to raw dosage. And the fact is that most of these products are tremendously underdosed for anabolic effect. Again, just my experience and research. My experience is strictly with the AMS RDE product line. Currently, Im taking 6 1 andro a day and 4 4-ad a day. Both RDE and Minimum effect. Im not saying no effect, I get some good pumps which may or not be attributed to the products. But COSTWISE, the benefit does not equate with the cost.

  9. I took lg science andro 3 times a day and I went from benching 405 X2 to 405 x 5 in 2 weeks.

  10. I do not think andro products will get you over much over your natural limit at recommend dose. But that should be your goal because your can keep your gains without going on another cycle.

  11. Also andro products are a 2 step conversion and the conversion is based on liver enzymes and everyone is different. also after about 6 weeks the gains slow down for most and you might even start losing gains because the liver is running out of enzymes for conversion then it is time to pct. I read article on this process if I find the link I will post. This happens on most conversion type ph but andro is a 2 step type so after 6 to 8 weeks your body is done for me gains stop at 4-5 WEEKS. I never took a strong ph because at work we are tester for insurance and of our blood levels are bad our insurance goes up. In fact my blood levels are great.

  12. What is 1,4 Andro? I know 1,4 AD is banned, but that doesn't mean it can't be had... Is it just 1-DHEA + 4-DHEA?
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  13. 1,4 dhea are 2 steps from active hormone 1,4 ad are one step

  14. They are not banned

  15. Quote Originally Posted by 8itchtit Bob View Post
    They are not banned
    Haha, I like your handle


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