I've ran Alpha Mass before and plan on running another cycle again but dosing 6/6/9/9/12/12 for six weeks instead of 6/6/6/6 for four (I plateaued at week 2 of 6/6/6/6 dosing). I liked Alpha Mass since there was minimal sides and didn't have to worry about running an AI like others. From reading the M1P write up, it appears that we have a similar candidate as far as little to no conversion, just pure anabolic affect which looks like the two would stack nicely with minimal sides.

If I was to run the M1P with Alpha Mass, would you all recommend to stick with the "Take 4 servings per day in divided doses" protocol for 6 weeks or adjust it?

As far as support supps, I have maca, AI Cycle Support, and HGH Pro for the L-Dopa to help curve prolactin.

PCT so far is Recycle and D-Pol by Purus.

Appreciate the feedback guys