Tore hamstring 10 days into Helladrol. Abort into PCT?

  1. Tore hamstring 10 days into Helladrol. Abort into PCT?

    Hey everyone,

    It's been 10 days since starting a 6 week Helladrol cycle. The first 2 days were at 50mg, and been at 75mg since. I tore my hamstring today and I'm contemplating whether to aport this cycle since I won't be able to do legs(my favorite bodypart)

    So what do ya'll think? If I aport, will I need to jump into PCT? I've got Clomid, Purus Labs D-pol, AI's PCS and Testopro, MR.Supps formastanozol, PES Anabeta..

    Thanks for your guys' support!

  2. Heal up first!

  3. You don't even need to do a PCT IMO. But you definitely need to take the time to heal up. If you're scared and feel like you need to run a PCT then do so....but after only 10 days I feel like that's hardly enough time to shut you down or jack your lipids.

  4. go into pct. id still run a natty stack tho....anabeta, testapro, forma stanzol.

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