cycle support supps while on AAS?

  1. cycle support supps while on AAS?

    Aside from the staples of a multi, EFAs, creatine, anti-oxidants...

    Would it be beneficial to take any sort of cycle support like AI's Cycle Support while on test? I'll be kickstarting w/ SD, which I'll of course be taking cycle support, and probably keep taking cycle support 1 week after last SD dose, but is there any benefit in taking it for the rest of my cycle?

    Also, one more quick Q, time off from AAS... I know oral cycles time off = time on + PCT. What about AAS? I doublt it's the same, or is it? full cycle w/ PCT would be about 18wks... so 18 wks off as well?

  2. Regarding injectables, its advised to only run a couple of cycles a year to avoid complications of restarting your own tetosterone. With that said, lots of people run year round, or only take a break for a couple of months to 'clean out'. Ita really up to you and how much you want to push it.

    As far as orals go, you take a long break to give your liver and kidneys time to recover.

    Last, I wouldn't start out with SD as a kicker, only because it screws up lipids like no other, and since you will be on test for another 6-8 weeks after you stop the SD, it won't get better until pct... Plus if SD starts to give you gyno symptoms, it can screw the rest of your cycle. In my opinion, kick start with something milder of you must, then save the SD for the final 4 weeks.

  3. I know the time off for orals, just wondering how many cycles people do for AAS, since if time off isthe same, that only equates to about 3 cycles every 2 years!

    I've done 2 cycles of SD before, and haven't had any issues at 10/20/20 dosage or 10/20/20/20 dosage other than lethargy. Started getting back pumps once I bumped to 30, so I went back to 20. I just have a lot of SD left over, and I'm not sure I need it for the final 3 wks since fast acting compounds are kickers, not finishers. I do have 650mg total of var, but it doesn' seem like enough for any substantial effect, so I'll have to save it for another time.

    What I'm really wondering is is it beneficial to take cycle support supps while on test?

  4. Some guys will see a spike in blood pressure on test, and prostate issues are definitely possible as well. So overall not a bad idea to use support supps on even an AAS cycle.

  5. N2Gaurd @ 5 caps ED, NOW cholesterol support, NOW NAC. Covers all the bases and not too much $$$.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by gaijininjapan View Post
    fast acting compounds are kickers, not finishers.
    If you save the SD for the final 4 weeks (weeks 9-12) then you're actually making progress for 12 weeks instead of 10, with the same amount of shutdown, less time spent with bad cholesterol values, less chance of gyno problems interrupting your cycle, and MORE overall gains by the end of the cycle. If you kickstart with SD, the final results by week 10 will be almost identical to just running test by itself. If you save the SD for the end, you ADD TO the gains you already made on the test, and push even further.

    Week 1-10: test @ 500mg
    Week 9-12: SD @ 10/20/20/20
    Week 13-16: PCT

    If you are getting ready for a competition, you ALWAYS run your dry orals at the end. You'll do 10-15 weeks of say test, tren, and mast, then add in winny or halo the last 4 weeks before competition to really bring out the striations and vascularity. Running it at the beginning would be a waste.

    Long story short, SD at the end is a MUCH better idea.

  7. Interesting... I thought the gains from SD were too fast, and thus the idea is that the test cycle will help solidify the SD gains and produce more gains by itself when it kicks in in wk 3-4. Same reason why dbol is run in the beginning as a kicker, and cycles are finished w/ var or something like that.

    so if a test-only cycle will put on say.. 15lbs over 10wks, and SD puts on another 10lbs in the last 4 wks. WTF? 25lbs? Plus, I don't know if I can handle the SD sides, eating, and rest required at the end of my cycle. I was thinking about using the SD in the beginning since it's my winter vacation and I can essentially sleep as much as I want. At the end of my cycle, I have school and work to deal with, and it'll be harder to get enough rest. hmmm... decisions decisions... Any input on what I can do with 650mg of var? perhaps skip the kicker all together, and just get more var to use as a finisher to bridge it into PCT?

  8. THat was my understanding also ^ I'll be running my first test cycle this summer and was going to use sd or ultradrol to kick it. The lipids getting and staying screwed makes sense however w a low-moderate dose and the right supports, i dont see much validity to it.


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