Post cycle and sick, what should I do?

  1. Post cycle and sick, what should I do?

    I am 4 days post cycle and I am sick. I havent worked out since friday.

    I am on


    And all of the other normal ****. I am trying to keep my cals up but being sick it is hard. Should I wait till I get better to start working out again?

  2. Yes there is no point in lifting if your body is working hard trying to recover from a cold.

  3. I'm wondering when did you start feeling bad? I would take NP's advice, and watch your condition closely.

  4. I too went through a similar issue earlier in the year. DO NOT PUSH IT IN THE GYM!!! Trust me it will only make it worse, as you risk over extending your energy reserves and getting sick much worse. I tried to work through a cold PCT and ended up with pneumonia - losing a full 3 weeks. PCT your horomones are a mess, which has to compromise the immune system to some extent. Absolutely no reason to risk it. Just try to keep calories as high as possible if you can.

    Don't know if it helps but I always find massive amounts of Vit. C (5+grams a day) help to get rid of a cold sooner.

  5. I should probably lay off the clen too right? Dont want to over stimulate my CNS or is it all good. Im glad Im on IGF that should help me keep my gains and not get too fat.

  6. i hear ya, gettin sick during cycle freakin sux been there bro

  7. A lot of guys take several days off training immediately post cycle, you'll be fine as long as you keep the diet straight. Force feed if you have to.

    I'd avoid clen while sick with your body temp probably elevated already.

  8. EAT!!!
    Vitamin C, Green Tea, Etc.!
    feel better man
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