hard rock M1D?

  1. hard rock M1D?

    soooooooooooooooooo any one try hard rocks M1D? they say its a M1,4ADD clone if so what was your cycle like?

  2. Thier products seem to be hit or miss

  3. thats what people are saying . I've got 2 bottles of the stuff so I think I will run it next month maybe do 90/90/90/120/120

  4. I picked up 2 bottles during a black friday sale. I randomly look over at them and ponder whether they will work or not. Lol.

  5. how much were they? I didint have a comp to get on line that day

  6. Quote Originally Posted by the GUNSHOW View Post
    how much were they? I didint have a comp to get on line that day
    21.50 a piece.

  7. It works

  8. freakin crap I got it for 25 each

  9. Quote Originally Posted by jcatanese985 View Post
    It works
    have you tried it yourself?

  10. The product specifically (rather than their HDrol/P-Mag/Epi clones) has a dubious reputation, it was released in the interim between the CEL/Purus heyday of M14ADD clones and the more recent rise of clones (Shredded Labs), to my knowledge sourcing M14ADD isn't the easiest thing to do, so either Hard Rock lucked out or the product may not meet label claims. That doesn't mean there isn't something anabolic in there.

  11. Well this is exactly M1,4ADD,according to the label.

  12. Used the hard Rock sd way underdosed.


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