1st cycle

  1. 1st cycle

    1st cycle
    age 33 5 ft 6" weight 178 lb with about 10% bf
    been longer then 10 years workin-out (last 2 years consistently)
    going to cycle:
    wk 1-10 test e 250 every 5 days
    wk 1-9 eq
    wk 1-4 d-ball 30 mg e/d
    followd with pct

    i can get all kind of gear but not very sure what to use!

    I'm opend for advices!

  2. It depends, r u bulking, or do want to lean bulk? Do u want somewhat wetter gains, or more of a dry look?

  3. Also what r u planning for your pct?

  4. im trying to bulk, i dont care about water retantion but rather to have less,
    clomit and hcg

  5. You should use the hcg during your cycle instead of during PCT. Theres a very good article all about hcg on the primordialperformance website called hcg unraveled. (I can't post the link since I have less than 50 posts)

    I would also look into an Aromitose Inhibitor (AI) for your cycle. I prefer arimidex. Others prefer aromasin.

  6. what you think about stacking equip with test e?

  7. Eq is mild and stacks well with test. Run it at the same dose as the test for the first time though feel free to play with higher doses. It's as anabolic as test, but half as androgenic.

  8. if you cant use EQ for 12 wks dont use it....it needs 6wks to begin to shine. so 9wks is a waste IMO....The tes e also needs 12wks too. Again it will really kick in at wk 6. you will start to see some gains before that but i bet lots of guys would agree that things really pick up at wk 6.

    try to do this:

    test e 1-14

    EQ 1-13
    600mg (400mg at the bare min)

    d bol 1-4
    30/30/40/40 (mg)

    hcg 2-16
    250UI 2x a wk (mon/thur, sun/wed whatever on the split)

    nolva 40/20/10/10
    Clomid 50/50/25/25
    low dose AI (which ever one you like, really only look at adex/aromasin, letro too potent)
    DAA or other natty T booster

    pct will start wk 16, the test and EQ will be active for 2wks after your last pin.

  9. weeks
    1-12 Test-e 250mg 3 times a week Monday/Wednesday/Friday injects
    1-10 deca 300mg twice a week (Monday and Friday injects)
    1-4 dbol 30 mg ed
    1-4 N2guard 7 caps a day
    8-12 Hcgenerate 3 caps am and 2 caps pm
    12-18 forma-stanzol 5 pumps am and 5 pumps pm every day (suicide aromatase inhibitor)
    12-16 unleashed and post cycle 3 caps of each every day
    14-18 forged steal full dose twice a day
    p.m. me if you have any questions

  10. thanks gymrat, and thank you ripped_one
    i only have (15 vials x 250 mg each) test e, and have 2 vial of eq (200 x 10) + d-bpl and nlvdx and clomit and hcg.
    so if i need to run test e for 12 weeks then i will have to do 250 e/w.
    as for the eq i will have to run it for 10 weeks if 400 e/w unless less doses
    now i have two questions:
    1-can i mix test e with eq in one syrng?
    2- what is the hcg for?? i thought it should be pct to boost test, why should i take it during cycle?
    thanks guys.


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