Trenazone help?

  1. Trenazone help?

    So, a friend and I are planning on running Trenazone cycles, and I have a few questions.

    How should we run it? I want to get two bottles, and want to use the majority of their content,s and thought of running it like this: 1ml/1ml/1.5ml/1.5ml/1.5ml/2ml. This would end up using 59.5/60ml between the two bottles. I personally have never run a transdermal and don't know how to dose it.

    What should my PCT look like? I plan getting clomid, but I have never ran a SERM on my past cycles of X-Tren and Supremacy, and I got by on just test boosters, but I don't want to risk it on this. Now I also don't know how to dose clomid, and what test booster I should run? I was thinking of getting Isa-Test GF.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. I'm on my second bottle. Started at 1ml and upped it to 1.5 Here is what I don't understand. I responded well to the old X tren, but not to this new dienolone. Not sure why even though it's supposed to be better. I'm going to keep upping it a half mil each week just to see if I get the strength gains I got off the now banned oral.

  3. Does anyone else have exp with trenazone I thought this stuff would be good

  4. Let me add one more thing; with the old X tren I got progestin gyno issues when I dosed over 90mgs. Trenazone is supposed to have a higher bioavailability yet to date I haven't even felt a tingle in either nipple. I'm glad but at the the same time it's making me wonder about Trenazone. Follow me??

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