will be posting before and after pics soon

  1. will be posting before and after pics soon

    im going to start a cycle of winny and T1pro

    weeks 1-6 50mg/day winny
    weeks 3-6 T1pro at reccomended dosing.

    clomid post therapy for 21 days,

    2 weeks after last clomid tab will do the rest of T1pro

    anyone have any comments on cycle?

    hopefully i can get some b4 and after pics up



  2. Hey bro...I moved this to the steroid section for a couple reasons, mainly because you didnt post pics and you'll get much better help with your cycle in this section.....

    * you might want to wait longer than 2 weeks before jumping back into the T-1 Pro man, just a suggestion.

  3. This thread should be in the cycle results section. Sorry YJ... BUt alas I can't move it from here. Not a mod here.. talk to ya..

  4. I can move it, but why results?

  5. Providing he does post pics.. Talk to ya..

  6. I forgot we had a before and after pics section. It shoul dgo in there if he puts his pics in... Talk to ya..

  7. ok..lol..just let me know where it ends up.

    Im working on pics, I have to get someones digital camera.




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