Deca 300 and Test Enanthate

  1. Deca 300 and Test Enanthate

    Alright I'm not a new user to this site, just a new account. So I finally started my Deca and Test-E cycle. I been doing my research for the past two years debating on if or when I should take it. I'm now 200lbs 25 years old and felt I'm ready. So my buddy has been on this cycle for a year now off and on. It goes like this, deca 300mg and test 300mg twice a week. So 600mg each a week for 12 weeks.. Of course the right diet and PCT. my question I have is about the dosage. I argued with him a bit, but they guy we are getting them from... Well let's just say he is popular in the bodybuilding world on the west coast. Thing is, I'm getting from my buddy and my buddy gets then from him. I never had a chance to talk with the guy and ask my questions.. All my info has been from the web and my other buddies on the juice. Anyways I'll get to the point. I don't really agree with 600mg of both a week. From my research I have heard its best to have a higher dosage of Test then deca, also heard its best to run test for two weeks longer then deca. What is everyone else's opinion on this? I know there are many many different cycles and ways people prefer to do them. It's just I feel doing the same amount if deca and test for 12 weeks seems a bit wrong? So please feel free to flame me and speak your mind.. I just want to hear some feed back.

  2. Jesus, and that's what you get for typing this on an iPhone, sorry about all the misspellings and if it's a bit confusing

  3. I always read to use the double the amount of test to combat deca sides, but I got all the deca sides when I tried it at 300/week while test was at 600.......insomnia, bloated, deca pecka, lethargy, it was great!! But at least my joints didn't ache

    I too ran the test 2 weeks past the deca, than stopped the test 2 weeks before PCT....worked for me.

    Anyway, I just stay away from deca now, and only run enough test to make up for my own natural test being shutdown on cycle, so only a 150~200/week TRT dose. Knock on wood, EQ and Tren show me nothing but love this way
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  4. Thanks brother. Seeing as how i have only taken my first shot so far this week.. I think what I'm going to do is, 1cc of Deca and test the first shot of the week (300mg of each) and for my second shot of the week, 1cc of test and half of one for Deca. So a total of 450mg of deca and 600mg of test per week. See how that plays out. Also after week 10 I'm going to stop deca and continue test up until week 12. Wish me luck.. Hopefully I don't get Deca dick or any serious sides.



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