My ultimate goal is to drop fat and maintain and gain muscle.
32, 278lbs 6'2"
Not in ideal shape around 30% body fat.
New trainer and steady at gym for last 6 months.
Was 315lbs
Wanting to do something to add some long lasting muscle to help burn calories all day.
Pretty easy gainer. But worry about adding to much weight as fat or water retention.
Have access to deca, and sustanon.
Curious about ideas.
Was even thinking as low as 250 Sust every 2 weeks just to kick it up a notch. Maybe or maybe not combined with the deca.
Ideally wanting 15-25lbs of muscle that will stick. Then back to cutting down again.
I am probably not a typical poster.
Desk Job 80 hour work weeks. Finally decided 6 months ago that by next year that would be completely different.
All advice is welcome.
Used to play ball in high school also was captain of rodeo team so muscle used to be there lol but after 15 or so years of nothing it has long passed.