L-Nolva.. horrible taste

  1. L-Nolva.. horrible taste

    L-nolv taste horrible.. is it ok to mix in with protein shake?? I still get a bad taste left in my mouth even after deluting it.. And also is there any specific time to take during the day? or as long as u take it is ol

  2. It's fine to mix in with the protein shake, but I suggest chasing the dose with grapefruit or orange juice. It masks the bad taste pretty well. Just hold some juice in your mouth, squirt in the nolva, swallow, then chase it with more juice.

    And the time of day for the dose doesn't matter as long as you're consistent with taking it around every 24 hours. For example, take it every morning with breakfast or every afternoon with your post workout shake. Doesn't matter. Whatever works for you as long as it's around the same time every day.

  3. the half life of tamoxifen citrate is 5-7 days. time of day is not important.

  4. thanks guys for the help. I usually take at night so i will continue to do so at same time.

  5. If u mix it u will be stuck choking down the whole thing and it sucks. Fill your mouth with orange juice, tip your head back, squirt the serm in ontop of the juice and gulp it down. Best method.



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