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    I'm about to go on with my 2nd cycle. First cycle was Super One+ from Avant labs. I did six Squirts two times for 4 weeks with good gains. I'm confused about the amont to take with T1 Pro with DSMO from BDC. How many squirts ?, and should I go for 4 or 6 weeks ? Any other help would be great!

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  3. where the heck do you get all these fitting pics man.... either 4 or 6 good. I would go heavier dose for 4 weeks. the moderate dosage would be 1 squirt (2mL) x 2/day. so if heavy dose for 4 weeks sounds good to you, double the squirt per application. (uping the dose by 1/2 a squirt would be aight too)

  4. YJ...you kill me with those pics


  5. BWAHAHAHHA One of my favorite replies to date...

  6. on T1 i did 3 squirts a day, 2 in the morning, 1 in the evening... this equals out to 250mg per day... thats a lot of 1-test

    i wouldn't go anymore than that unless you're just a bigass mofo

    i should have done 2 squirts per day instead...

    T1 and T1 PRO is a lot more potent per ml than what ONE and ONE+ were... dunno about Super ONE+

  7. so--just to recap--get t1pro--dump the contents of the bottle of DMSO into the T1pro?

  8. Originally posted by Bean
    T1 and T1 PRO is a lot more potent per ml than what ONE and ONE+ were... dunno about Super ONE+
    Actually Super one+ is 6g 1-t and 9.37g of 1-ad. almost the same as t1(5g 1-test 10g 1-ad).

    Spike, yes, I believe that is correct.

  9. I did superone+ and it ****ing ruled, will DMSO increase the level of absorption? If it does count me in, my body needs about a month or 2 off then its back to ****ing biz.

  10. I started my 2nd cycle on sunday 3 squirts two times a day. I'm 5'6 and on my last cycle I had my best gains ever. I'm up to 165 lbs from about 152lbs. Now I will train a two on one off then two on and two off split. Couldn't go to the gym today with all the snow in New York!!!!!!

  11. nice littleT. im also in the city and this pretty bad. fortunatley, my gym is a street down so that aint the problem...my problem of going to the gym is how i feel physically. keep us posted on your progress. Sage


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