Another fake batch of m14add?

  1. Another fake batch of m14add?

    Just picked up 2 bottles of Hard Rock's Methyl M1D (M14ADD clone). Both bottles have the same lot # and expiration date, but 1 bottle has clear, smaller capsules and smells different than the other. The other bottle has huge white capsules and smells like some herbal ****. Knowing the track record of m14add, I shouldn't have even wasted my money. Anyone have a similar experience or know if Hard Rock's legit? I could always try it and see, but I prefer to know what I'm actually taking lol

  2. Hard rock has a BAD reputation
    ...GMG760 Version 2.0 ... Back from the dead.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by GMG760 View Post
    Hard rock has a BAD reputation
    I can definitely see why. Down the toilet they go haha, thanks for the reply bro

  4. Many of my friends have used their products, (Methastadrol mainly), and had great results man. On another forum, 3 other people said they ran Hard Rock M1-D, and had excellent results as well. Maybe you received a bad batch man. They're known for sending out bad batches often, but not all of the time. Every company has their flaws. I wouldn't flush them "down the toilet" to be honest, haha. You could easily sell them, if you feel that they are a threat bro. lol

  5. Just bought 2 bottles of their M14add ... Won't be using for a while but would be nice to check and see if they are legit. I have many friends that have don their products with great success.

  6. different bottling/capping places will use different bottles, caps, filler, labels, etc. this shouldn't be used as a determination if a product is legit or bunk.

    you can have someone like patrick arnold test it, or you can take it, and see if you have results. if you dont get any results, you also dont have any sides like shut down, etc.

  7. I didn't actually flush them lol. But, I will either sell or test them. Kinda leaning toward the testing side, maybe through Pat or a few college buddies that have access to a lab that can do this As for the different capping companies, yeah I kinda figured maybe this was the case since Hard Rock uses independent capping companies and don't actually cap it themselves.

  8. 99% of companies dont cap themselves.


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