Pumped about upcoming cycle! Double-check please

  1. Pumped about upcoming cycle! Double-check please

    Ok so I finally pulled the trigger and placed my order(s). I bought 2 x Triple Threat stacks from App Nut to use back to back before my cycle to get some gains and re-normalize myself with training (sidenote: my recent training has been more geared towards MMA and less with lifting so I am getting back to basics, but I started lifting 14 years ago so it's not new). Then I get into my real cycle:

    epi: 30 or 40/40/40/40/40/40
    11-oxo: 500/600/600/600/600/600

    Cycle Assist throught

    Pct: Nolva 20/20/10/10
    Then I also bought another Triple Threat Stack which has
    3,7 Keto Dhea
    and DAA
    Lean Xtreme
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