Method for exogenous test: Axiron versus injection

  1. Method for exogenous test: Axiron versus injection

    To bring my natty test levels up from a lowly 200, my doc has prescribed 1000 iu HCG weekly + 2 pumps Axiron daily (which equates to 420 mg test weekly). Why can I not just inject test instead?

    He said using HCG + axiron is called "supplementation" and going the inject route would be "suppression". I don't think he is me it seems suppression either way. So why use creams versus injections? Does it matter the method the exogenous test was supplied?

  2. I agree. My dad is on that also. And as far as I know it's just transdermal test which IMO would suppress your natural production. Again I'm not very knowledgable about the stuff but that's how it seems to me as well.

  3. so does someone have a logical explanation to this?

  4. topical test is suposed to provide a more steady blood level over injections. all of the topical test will not be absorbed so u will not really be gettin 420mg a week. it will bring ur test levels up to the normal range. of course the hcg will also elevate ur test production. i dont know how suppressive a normal dose of topical test is, but ur right i think it and injections are both suppressive.

  5. 420mg test cream would be equal to about 100 mg test cyp injections given it absorbs at roughly 20%. why he chose one over the other is beyond me but as has been said a lot of professionals like to mimic a more natural response with hormones. The 12 hour absorption rate would equate to that. In the end it's the same though.
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  6. so if I want to ditch the topical cream, could I inject 100mg enanthate once a week, and still pretty much achieve the result my doc wants me to? I believe he wants me to be in the 600-800 range before doing another cycle. How any of this is natural is beyond me. Another cycle would just suppress me again, so what would be the harm in cycling now?


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