M1T cycle and Liver Health

  1. Angry M1T cycle and Liver Health

    In week 2 of my 20mg a day M1Test cycle. I'm taking Milk Thistle and other things to help my liver, but what else should I be doing to insure my liver's health. Are there any tests, etc. I can take. These are the things the health stores don't warn you about when you buy their products.

  2. research before you start your m1t cycle

  3. haha, too late. your liver will luv you on your next cycle. yes?

  4. Hey, thanks alot guys for all the great info. That is exactly why I am asking this question now. I have never done anything that is this powerful, nor have I ever wanted to. Bottom line is, the guy at the nutrition store told me it is new, it kicks ass, and has little sides. I was stupid, I believed him, NOW, I need your help. I don't need to hear some idiot tell me I'm screwed. Please leave your smart comments to yourselves, and help me if you can.

    Should I honestly be worried? I have my Nolva coming on Monday, should I stop my cycle when it comes?

    Quote Originally Posted by d00fy
    research before you start your m1t cycle

  5. And Lancelot, thanks for the genious information!

    Quote Originally Posted by lancelot
    haha, too late. your liver will luv you on your next cycle. yes?

  6. Hog, 20mgs is a lot to start out at first of all. If I were u, id go till the nolva arrives, then take 2-4 weeks off of m1t, using 40/40/20/ split mg ed of nolva. And then an extra week with nothing. Also take milk thistle during ur pct.


    Take 10mg ED
    Take ur milk thistle before ur next cycle and after
    Get some ala or r-ala for liver as well
    Vit C is a good detoxifier
    NAC is good for liver as well

    Nolva for pct

    And then u should be set. Eat a lot with much protein and ull be good to go. If u experience liver pains anytime during ur cycle, stop. M1T DOES give very impressive gains but also CAN have very impressive sides.

    If u want to take some liver tests, go to ur doc. Dont be suprised if ur liver values are wayyy up.

  7. Chill brother, you are fine. If you are worried about it that much then stop the cycle. I would suggest running some r-ala, and milk thistle. Next time maybe you should stay away from the methyls, and go with a transdermal.

  8. can somebody explain "Liver Pains" to me?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by wildman536
    can somebody explain "Liver Pains" to me?
    What exactly do you mean by "Liver pains".

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Lich
    If u experience liver pains anytime during ur cycle, stop.

  11. The store where I buy my whey protein from has M1T sitting on the shelf with all the other supplements. Even though M1T may be considered a supplement of sorts, I don't think they should have a prohormone sitting on the shelf with the amino acids, fat burners and other various non-prohormonal supplements. I asked the guy how much he has sold and he said the first shipment they got in of it, they sold out. Hopefully people done some research on this stuff or there are going to be some pretty messed up folks at my gym with the shut down blues.

    Anyways, you definately started your cycle taking to high of a dosage, 10mg's would have been plenty. Like stated earlier , keep taking the Milk Thistle and maybe add in some r-ala and anything else that may be of use to you that most of the informative people on this board may tell you to take or that you may need to be on the safer side.

    If you do another Ph cycle using something different, it may be wise to do alittle research on that product before you buy it and definitely before you start a cycle. Good Luck

  12. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm
    What exactly do you mean by "Liver pains".
    I heard its pain on your right side just under your rib cage.

  13. research other ph to be sure youre buying what you want. I'm still experimenting with some of the others to see how I react to them. this board is great for info but its always good to check more than one source.

  14. I dont see what is so dumb about the post that you cant read it MM? We get alot of these posts about m1t so chill out. Take the advice you are given, you can get your doc to run some blood tests if you want, ad it would probably be helpful to take some r-ala and nac and milk thistle everyday.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by hognose
    Also, for someone who only has 19 posts, you act like you are a F ing proffesional bodybuilder. Dude, lay off, I've read all your previous posts, you don't know sh*t.

    Good that you are trying to educate yourself for that your doing the right thing. I deleted my over-reaction.

    However, I am just a little po'd when I see users blaming others...If you want the seller to know everything, get a scrip for legal stuff and ask the pharmacist...cuz thats what it would take.

    The FDA is soon banning all of our legal steroids soon, so those who want the above will have their wish soon.

    And yes, I've been in this game a very long time...note that post counts don't mean jack ****...
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  16. Damn this thread turned to sh*t.

  17. Not for long.. gentlemen please keep it on topic and stop the bs please


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