NPP, Dbol, Test cycle.....advice?

  1. NPP, Dbol, Test cycle.....advice?

    This will be my 3rd cycle. 6'4, 205. 23 years old. Trying to get up to 225lbs when all said and done.

    Cycle History:
    Some of you may not consider a pro-hormone a real cycle, I certainly do. First cycle was uneducated, 19 yrs old. 170lbs. I did Tren Xtreme & Mass Xtreme by American Cellular Labs for 5 weeks before the ban. Max Muscle douche said to take trib and I'd be good. Ha. Gained 17 lbs. Lost 12lbs the next month, then gained it back over the following month. Did it cause everyone on the baseball team was passing it around like candy during playoffs. 2nd cycle 21 years old. 12 weeks of Test E 500mg/week kick started with 4 weeks dbol 30mg a day. Gained 18lbs kept 14lbs.

    Week 1-12 Test E 250/2x a week
    Week 1-12 NPP 150mg/EoD
    Week 1-4 Dbol 40mg/ED
    Week 3-12 Adex .5 E3D
    Week 3-12 Caber 1/week

    Week 14-20 Nolva 40/40/40/20/20
    Week 14-18 Clomid 100/100/50/50

    *Also, thinking of replacing adex with aromasin....thoughts? If aromasin is superior to eliminate estrogen to adex, why is it I find adex to be the more popular choice? I have noticed a rebound effect from adex as well.

    I have noticed I am susceptible to "gyno"/small lumps. Last time flared up end of week 3 from dbol, went away when I started Adex, spaced out adex doses, came back when test kicked in, then went away 85% after post.

    No gyno from pro hormone cycle.

    Looking for legit hcg, if i can find it, ill use it intra.

    ** I have test prop on hand, but only 2 vials of 100mg/10ml, so not enough.


  2. start the dex wk 1 if you have old gyno issues. It will keep it from ever flaring up on you. it will take its toll on your joints tho for the 1st couple wks.

    Id drop down the serms to


    other than that sh!t looks GTG

  3. what do you think of torem instead of nolva? never used it.

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