Sust/Bold cycle update week 4

  1. Sust/Bold cycle update week 4

    Hi Guys!

    So today marks the first day of week 5 and I thought I would update everyone one how my cycle is going.

    So i am running 580mg of sust/500mg of bold a week for 16 weeks. I do .55cc of each x3 a week. Like I said its been 4 whole weeks now, so here are my before and after stats...

    (all these stats are rough estimates as far as weight on lifts, i was repping most these weights last set at least 5 times)

    Pre Cycle: weighed around 200-202lb 11-13% bf, Leg pressed 800 pounds, squatted about 300, benched 275x2, dead lifted 275

    week 4 stats: weigh 217-220 pounds (depends on food consumption but my minimum weight in morning is 217) bf when tested ranged from 11-13% still. Im leg pressing right around 1k in weight up about 4 plates from before, squatting 375, benched 300x5 yesterday pretty easy, dead lift im still hitting around 275 but it is easier im just weary about my lower back.

    Side effects:

    No real acne, anger not bad little snappy here n there but not really noticeable, little bloat in face not much though, sex drive is threw the roof, had a little trouble sleeping first few weeks but sleeping like a baby again since recently ( i was even smoking my medical marijuana and still having trouble sleeping first few weeks), my appetite has increased tremendously which is hard to believe with how much i eat...

    All in all I am loving this cycle, it is not my first, but definitely seems to be the best gains i've ever gotten at such a fast rate.. loving my gear!

  2. Sounds like your doing good so far bro, keep it up! How would you rate the hunger though? Is it unbearable or manageable? Hunger is the only thing thats kept me from giving EQ a go as I have the keep my weight within a certain range and can't afford to over eat, I have an unstoppable hunger as it is.
    R.I.P 343*

  3. dude my hunger is crazy, for example I just ate a burrito bowel with dbl chicken from chipotle and i am starving now just an hour later. I make sure I just eat every 2-3 hours so i dont over eat to much, but ya the eq definitely makes u super hungry.

  4. I'm banking on EQ hunger to be unbearable lol. I want 15+ lbs when I do the EQ.

  5. Damn bro, and chipotle's burritos are massive! Guess I'm sticking with other compounds, thats unfortunit in my case haha.
    Good luck with the cycle though, are you going to keep updating every once in a while?
    R.I.P 343*

  6. ya ive gained 16-18 pounds in 4 weeks and i tested bf today its 12%. Not bad right? I will update every 2 weeks, it will be a long cycle..The EQ is great, the hunger is crazy but bearable.
  7. Question 1st Cycle sust 270+bold200

    hi guys, it's my first cycle i've been athlete since ever... swimming, waterpolo, judo etc... and working out at gym..
    now i've just bought 2x 10ML SUST270 and 2x 10ML Equipoise200... that will give me a 10week cycle:

    1ml each compound on mondays and thursdays that will be 540mg sust/week and 400mg bold/week

    as per i'm looking for lean muscles and decrease BF ii'll definetly work hard on a diet...

    1'm 30years
    6.0 high
    230 weight
    27,5% BF

    i need some advices on my PCT only tamoxi? someone toldme to take DURING de cycle TAMOXI... i'm confused...

    Hope see some good and constructive advices and how are you doing 'strongman24' so far?
    many thanks in advance!


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