Starting a cycle for the 1st time, Need advice.

  1. Starting a cycle for the 1st time, Need advice.

    Hey hardgainer here been on and off with gym and time to cheat.

    I think I've done the right research
    This will be what I will be taking every day

    Week 1-3:
    M1T 5MG[half pill] 1 a day? I know its the worst thats why I start with only 5MG
    Vitamin C 1 a day
    Centrum 1 a day
    Fish Oil every 2nd day
    Triazole every 2nd day? anti estrogen
    Zues? Not sure if I should take this test booster
    Milk thistle [1 at lunch and 1 around 7pm?]
    Melatonin 1 at night

    Week 4-5
    Vitamin C-Daily
    Fish Oil-every 2nd day
    Milk Thisle[Same]
    Melatonin[Same/When I need to]

    Then repeat from week 1-3 then 4-5?

    I only want to do a few cycles and I'd really appreciate feedback.

  2. Don't take M1T bro, I know that is a very low dose but that's not a compound u would run for your first cycle. Hdrol or Epi r great to run for your first cycle. What r your stats btw bro?

  3. are you really 5'8" and 120lbs? if so why dont you try eating and while you're at it go to the gym and lift some heavy as$ weights

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ambulldog View Post
    are you really 5'8" and 120lbs? if so why dont you try eating and while you're at it go to the gym and lift some heavy as$ weights
    this! also smell troll. If you happen to be legit though get in the habit of a good diet first, training routine second, and then decide if you want to make the jump. "Everybody want to be a body builder, but aint no body want to lift no heavy ass weight."
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  5. Yeah u definitely need to chowdown on some food and pound some weights. Cycling does not need to b on your mind yet, proper diet and hard training should b your priority for now.

  6. Creatine/protein should be your "cycle"

  7. I'm actually 115lbs and am 5"8 and I eat 4-6meals pasta/oats/protein shakes and everything but I have way to quick of a metabolism.
    My max for flat bench was 185(45+25 + bar) but right now I just starting to workout again and I am doing 45+bar atm. You will be surprised some people already thought I was on roids but I was only taking super pump even my spotter would be like wtf how am I pumping that much.

    I've already bought the M1T just stashing it till I get all my research done. and thanks for info guess I will be drinking more protein shakes.

    Oh and my Biceps are usually smaller then people's wrists... and I have checked the doctor too and they say I'm perfectly healthy just underweight. Asian here too

  8. Make red meat your best friend bro. Have some good cheat meals too like steakburgers and fries. Avoid McDonalds though their meat is garbage, its all about quality.

  9. No way you should consider taking that M1T if you are breaking down what 185 is for all of us. Bar+45+45+25+25.

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    Eat more

  10. Thx Dr.Stri8ed

    I just want to see results and I'll make sure I start eating more steaks. Should I george foreman grill them stakes or just panfry em???

    @Mattersby- Yeah i kno I got ways to go before I start taking M1T but Iunno hardgainer is literally way to hard so friends telling me to try roids then go off it afterwards. Just wanted info since google didn't do me much help.

  11. Ok, sorry for being harsh. With all honesty, if you are having a hard time gaining naturally, you need to focus on learning about nutrition and how to put on weight. All you would get from most ph's is a ton of harsh side effects, a beat up liver, and maybe 5 pounds that you would lose before pct was even over. There is so much information on this site burried in these forums. T-nation is great too. People will help you too but sometimes they'll come off rude,like I did earlier, to make a point: BASICS FIRST.... eat, train,rest repeat. Learn about those things, then come back in a few years and countless hours of training to spend another year researching what you may want to take to achieve results faster. The benefits vs. ALL the risks. It would not be what you were considering fyi.

  12. Pan fry them bro in some olive oil for some extra fats. I can help u out with your nutrition, I'm in college now for dietetics and I'm a bodybuilder, so nutrition is definitely my forte lol.


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