With all the different PH's out today which is the easiest on hair loss?

  1. Question With all the different PH's out today which is the easiest on hair loss?

    Thinking about doing another cycle but still worried about hair loss since I lost a little on Halodrol 50 (50/50/75/75/75)
    I remember hearing that halo was so mild people didn't report any hair loss

    Been a few years since I've done anything and just want to gain about 8 lbs and lower body fat a little
    Watched some friends get great gains with Tren Xtreme but not sure

    Thanks guys

  2. I did an Hdrol cycle and barely saw shedding. I ran Epi as well and that gave me some shedding and thinned my hair. I just recently bought N2 Shampoo so i might run Epi again while on the Shampoo..I guess it depends on the person, It varys.

  3. Might wanna run some toco 8 along side as well. Primordial performance special full spectrum vit e. Good for all sorts of things.
    RecoverBro ELITE

  4. Yea i always run Toco 8..But its been a while. That was a question i was going to bring up about being able to run the shampoo in which contains vit e and toco 8 together..Im assuming its ok.

  5. It really depends on you. If you are prone to hair loss your chances of losing it are increased. I agree with Mattrag's suggestion of toco 8.

    You can also try out NTBM's N2Shampoo (use givethanks25 for 25% off and free shipping, good until the end of the month)


  6. 11-oxo, 11-sterone, or 11-spray.

  7. Buy propecia

  8. halo/ h drol / helladro and 11 oxo would get my vote

  9. AndroLean v3 = 11 oxo + 7 oxo


    Nizoral 2% , Nioxin


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