SD Matrix ballachce!

  1. SD Matrix ballachce!


    Just a quick question about SD Matrix, I bought it not knowing that it was M1T and thought I was just taking Superdrol but I've since been informed it's Probably M1T or a combination of M1T and SD!? (****ing retarded!) I'm currently using the SD Matrix for 2 2week mini-cycles, I'm just finishing my first week of PCT, I'll do another week then I intend to go back on the SD Matrix for two weeks and repeat my PCT. My question is, would there be any problem switching to actual SD (maybe Megavol by Chaparral labs) instead of using the SD matrix, I wouldn't see why not but I thought I would ask before I buy the Megavol. My gains were good on M1T but perhaps a little bit wet and it gave me monster lethargy.

    Thoughts, suggestions?

  2. Is that SD matrix the next generation as formula is different does it work

  3. You are planning on taking time off inbetween these two mini cycles arent you?

  4. Just asking as I'm going to do cycle soon the next generation SD matrix is supposed to be old tren bomb I think I got megavol that is definitely superdrol but SD formula on back don't match superdrol or MIT so unsure what is in it? Just done lgd-4033 gained 10 pounds going to do halodrol 6 weeks 50/75/75/75/75/100 cycle support rich piana plus ai on hand serm clomid 50/25/25/12.5 ai 3rd week then going to do megavol 10mg/20 3/4 weeks just a stronger serm 100/50/50 25 nolva 20/20/10 /10 or pulse it for 3 weeks 10mg Monday Wednesday Friday what do you think of cycle cheers

  5. 1st post was not me

  6. Op 2011..

  7. Quote Originally Posted by unreal89 View Post
    Op 2011..
    Lmfao I didn't even notice!

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    Lmfao I didn't even notice!
    It's cool. Nobody noticed his post for 5 years.

  9. Wonder if he's still waiting on an answer...

  10. Probably 2 weeks on 2 weeks off does work but you're hormones will be ****ed but your liver will be better that what's it for just do a cycle 3 weeks if 4 then do pct or pulse it then you will have less sides pct will be easy


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