Sarm article

  1. Sarm article

    This isnt new but it is an interesting read and a good option for some who dont want to use PH/AAS for growth

    Needtogetaas Does Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (S.A.R.Ms) Need To Build Muscle Inc. Official Blog Need To Build Muscle Inc. Official Blog

    mods delete if this shouldnt be here..

  2. Still not sold on SARM use or quality. But good read nonetheless.

  3. Thanks. Good info. My medicinal chemistry professor Dr. Duane Miller was on the team that first discovered and synthesized Ostarine. It's still in phase III trials. Even though he and his team developed it, I think members of this community know more about its effects on humans than even he does. Ironic.

  4. It's a good read for ph users, that's all

  5. I'm just worried about the long term effects.
    Getting back into the swing of things



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