Do I need more then one syringe...??

  1. Do I need more then one syringe...??

    When useing 1 test cyp, am I going to need more then one syringe i know im gonna need tons of needles that are different gauges but I can just use one syringe the whole time right?? Oh yeah and do I have push the whole 1 inch needle into myself or 3/4 the way??? and is 1 inch good for glutes....

  2. There is a reason that syringes are in a sealed package that often says something along the lines of "single use" or "use once and destroy" The only time I re-use syringes is for oral solutions.

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  3. just use a new syringe each time, it's not expensive by any means.

  4. Just for safety purposes, I would not bury the needle. From what I understand, if for some weird reason you break the needle, its made to break at the top so you'll have some way to pull it out of yourself. So....leave some showing.

  5. I'd prolly so do some more research before you go injecting thigns if you dont even know how many times you should use a needle or how far to put it in. People like you are the reason PH's are on the chopping block right now. You just got sticking **** into your body w/o looking into it and learning.



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