just want to say to the new guys and other lurkers...

  1. just want to say to the new guys and other lurkers...

    dont be in such a hurry to get into anabolic/androgenic steroids.

    always see guys in a hurry to get on the juice, but recently it seems like a lot more are just frantic to get on, regardless of what happens.

    dont worry guys, they aren't going any where, aas have been, and will be around for a while.

    take your time, invest some money in a book like anabolics 10th edition, anabolic pharmacology, etc. and really learn about what you are wanting to do.

    research your source, every one if they see that itch in your eyes to get on, the "newbness" as i call it to guys in the gym, will be quick to tell you they can get you pharma grade gear, thats gtg for $$$.00.

    be patient man, dont get taken advantage of, or hurt cause you cant wait to get swole.

    I can be a real assshole, i know, but i do like sharing advice, knowledge amongst you guys, but y'all gotta meet us half way.
    a lot of us have made the mistakes, and this is why we say no, research, do this, dont do that.
    we've been burned with crappy gear, or gyno, w/e and dont want to have it happen to someone else.

    So, please dont get offended if you dont like the advice posted, it's just words on a screen, and most of us dont know each other outside of here, so no reason to get all bent out of shape.

    if you dont get the advice you want, dont worry, you can always count on bad advice or get what you want to hear from someone,
    so slow your roll, and take some time, your gains will be that much better if you do, and your sides/risk will be that much less.


    if you have some questions on some stuff you have researched, but dont understand, feel free to ask away in here, i and others will do our best to help you out.

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    It really is unfortunate to see waves of 18 year old guys coming in asking for advice on SD cycles or even worse, injectible cycles. They don't want to learn first, they simply want someone to tell them what dosage to run and what to do for PCT (if they even know what that is/means). Then when you don't tell them what they want to hear they revert to their teenage state and cry like a little girl.

    I jumped in to PHs before i was ready. It wasn't pretty. I spent a bunch of money on 2 different cycles and lost all the gains plus put my body through hell. If only i had spent more time reading and learning, and getting my diet and training in order i could have saved myself a bunch of money and pain. But we learn from our mistakes.

  4. yeah once they realize what and how bad it can be to just jump on they will know to start researching and reading up

  5. I was thinking about making this comment. I really noticed this over the past 2 weeks or so.

    So many people with no research, no clue, and just say "i want gear. Lay out a plan for me."

    And people saying they plateau after 4 months

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  7. if you dont have a copy, and want to, or do use aas, ph's, pct products (ai's, serms, hcg), fatburners (clen etc) i suggest you get a copy.

  8. here is an example of what most, if not all of the members of this board, are posting, and trying to prevent....

    Quote Originally Posted by jj104 View Post
    i quit steroids cold turkey back in 2007-2008. i was very uneducated and didn't know anything about a PCT. i've developed gynecomastia in both nipples so after reading a lot of articles, i've started using letrozole to decrease teh size of the lumps. it's been 6-7 months now that i've been on letro so i was going to taper down and start using nolvadex to combat estrogen rebound. however, i'm still kind of confused on what i'm suppose to do while on nolvadex. do I have to take anything else besides nolvadex while combatting the estrogen rebound? i've never done a PCT so do I have to take HCG, clomid, or arimidex while on nolvadex? my gyno has shrunk but there's still a bit left so i'm hoping the nolvadex will help. i just want things back to normal before i used any gear.

    i realize i should've never touched it w/o proper education and i regret doing so. so please, any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. i'm not gonna be doing another cycle and i'm just trying to correct my stupid mistake years ago so if anyone could help me with this, i'll be really thankful.

    now, this is a bad case, but not uncommon. even with proper research, and pct, this kind of thing can happen. so be careful, ask questions, research, ask more questions.

    but dont get all but hurt when someone says something to you that you dont like. at least, not until your rep is high enough.

  9. This is a great thread. All I have done is PH/DS but all I do is reasearch AAS daily so I know what i'm getting myself into when I do decide to start pinning. I have friends with gyno from PHs and some friends have gone completely OTC with their pct, and as a result they've lost most of their gains. It really sucks to waste money.


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