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  1. I wonder what it was you were injecting? Just some sort of oil?? Glad you're okay.

  2. I am hoping that is all it is!! I want so bad to just post where I got the **** from so nobody else makes the same mistake and the ******* don't make another dime off of us. If I find out that the stuff is anything harmful I will fly to ****ing Europe track his ass down and inject my foot into his ass.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by gtsmotox333
    Tonight is 4 wks exactly and still not ****! A friend suggeted that maybe my test was extremly low to start with so maybe bumping the dose would speed things up. I did 350 mg tonight and plan to do that twice per week until my new gear arrives (700mg per wk). I don't think it is going to help, but at this point I am willing to try anything. Hopefully the new gear will be here in a few days and be legit. Oh almost forgot I managed to gain 2 lbs, but ?I am sure that is from all the damn Thanksgiving food I shoved in my fat ass! LOL.
    Are you buying them online?

  4. Yes. I really have no choice. With my job I can not take a chance of asking around. The current gear I have on the way was recommended by someone in this thread who has used the source with positive results. If this is not legit I wil be forced to give up for a while. (Spent too much money already).

  5. I know you can't source, but what brand is it? Hopefully discussing brands isn't against rules, since you still need to find a source for the brand

  6. Spartan Labs.

  7. Thanks, have you heard of axio labs?

  8. No, I am kind of new to the atual using game. I have done much research and know what does what, but not who makes the best and different places to get it from. Send me a PM if you don't mind and tell me your secretes. LOL

  9. Oh happy days are here again! I got my new gear today and gave it a test run this evening. I am running Primo at 400 mg per week and Test E at 600 mg per week. Hopefully this is legit gear and I will see some gains. I'll update when I see changes.

  10. wish i could afford to try primo, everyone says it's the cat's ass
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  11. From what I have read it is weak on its own, but gives the stronger agent being stacked with it a little more kick. It is expensive, $80.00 for 10ml vial. It may be a waste, but I want to find out for myself.

  12. nice! Can't wait to hear how this new (and hopefully legit) batch goes.... do you think 2-3 weeks before you notice? either way, keep us posted

  13. From what yall have been telling me I expect to see SOMETHING in 3-4 weeks. Hopefully adding the Primo in will speed things up a little. I am ready to feel like a "Freight Train", as they say. I will keep a mini log if anyone ins interested. I am not going to detail diet nor am I going to give detailed workout info, but I will track strength and body weight (changes). Let me know.

  14. I use primo but mainly in weeks bf a show due to its minimal water retention but besides that it's not a miracle test. It's actually mild as I was running 5 cc a day of it which is 500mg. Off season I get better size with peptides and slin. An ifbb Olympian contestant tipped me off to it. Primo for just size is a iffy investment unless u have the money to do the proper dosage. I love primo but only for show prep or site inject n did well when combining w tren.

  15. Test e works real well with 50 mg of draw tablet a day.


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