Few questions about cutting with PHs.

  1. Few questions about cutting with PHs.

    I've already done one 1-T/4-AD cycle. The results weren't spectacular, partly because I made a few mistakes and mostly because my diet wasn't a good one. I've learned some lessons, and I plan to make this cycle better than the last by far.

    Due to the fact that I ate 1000 kcals more than I should have at times, I put on some serious weight that want I lose. What PH combination do you recommend for cutting? I did a search on cutting and prohormones, but I couldn't find any specific results. I'm thinking 1-T/4-AD, but I don't know what ratio to use. How long should the cycle last? 6 weeks? Should I split the cycle into two halves?

    Also, what should my diet look like? I am planning on a 35-45-20 (C-P-F) ratio for the macronutrients and 500 kcals below maintenance. Does this seem reasonable? I am also assuming I should eat calories at maintenance during PCT: am I correct?

    Sorry if my questions seem rudimentary. I did my best to use search to find the answers. Thanks in advance.

  2. You can really use almost any ph for cutting. The PH themselves will not help you burn fat. The purpose of a cutting cycle is to preserve what muscle you have, so what you burn from being in a caloric deficit & cardio is mostly fat. I don't like using much 4ad to cut due to the bloating, but you certainly can use it with success. A nice dry cutter is 1-test with M4OHN, my new favorite cutter. Try around 24mg M4OHN with 200-300mg 1-test (dermal) per day, a 6-weeker would be perfect. Add a fat burner of some kind & shoot for 300-1000 cals under maintenance, depending how much you want to cut.

    Your diet ratio is good, just make sure the fats are coming from EFAs like flax, olive oil, nuts, PB, etc. It's usually advised to eat a little above maintenance during PCT to maintain gains. You can always add cardio if you begin storing fat.

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