Effects of cutting on E and Winstrol

  1. Red face Effects of cutting on E and Winstrol

    I have run several cycles running Cyp and E and have but on a lot of mass, but also a lot of fat dirty bulking. I have 10 weeks of E that I can run a 500mg a week and about 7 week supply of winny. Will be my first time trying to trim down which I have always done by long fasting periods during the day and low cals. What would be the effects of the cycle keeping a low calorie diet and fasting? Will this excellerate the fat loss? Can I expect to lose or gain any muscle? Basically, what can I do with what I got, and what results can I expect. will be running hcg and nolva for pct

  2. Test weeks 1-10 and winny weeks 7-12. Fasting is not a good idea...

  3. Educate me... Been using fasting and low cals to shrink down and obvoiusly its not giving the results I am looking for. Got to get leaner though... I'm big at 5'7 195, but I have a 34 inch waist and want that six pack that I thought if I bulked long enought the mass would increase my metabolism to support faster fat burn.

  4. Come on! Need more replies

  5. this forum moves to slow

  6. I like the fasting esp (IF) - my buddy lost 2inches in 4 weeks with MHN+Clen.

    Strict diet and workouts.

  7. Only have access to winny and E. Post is for making the most of what I have and what I can expect in results

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    I like the fasting esp (IF) - my buddy lost 2inches in 4 weeks with MHN+Clen.

    Strict diet and workouts.
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    What you can expect depends on your nutrition more than anything else. I'd suggest chilling in the nutrition sub-forum for a while and when you find something you're comfortable with, run your cycle.
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