5aa cyp and no suppression

  1. 5aa cyp and no suppression

    Guys, just wanted you to know that I started a 800mg/week 5aa cyp cycle a few weeks ago. This was only after a week and a half off using clomid and pACT. Since then I have had zero signs of suppression (no shrunken nuts, no libido drop, etc) My prior experience is all these things happen in the first 2 or 3 weeks max. WTF is going on here? I'm happy, there must be something to 5aa cyp, becuase I am getting mad strength gains and pumps, with NO adverse side effects. I highly reccomend this compound if you don't like the bloat, gyno or acne of other steroids.

  2. No estrogen No progesterone usually means little suppression. I've heard of people using OHT up to 800mg/week with no noticeable suppression. Although all androgens will have some suppressive effects. It may just be that you haven't had enough time to experience shut now.
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  3. Any effect on hairline?

  4. Damn 800 is a hefty dose, how are your gains? To tell the truth you can't really tell how shut down you are by how you feel. I myself try to get bloodwork done.

  5. Anyone know first hand if 5aa supports libido... I bet it does so you probably won't experience loss of libido until PCT.

  6. No effects on hairline whatsoever. Of course, I have never had hairloss in my years of androgen use/abuse. My strength gains have gone from incline bench 245x8 to 295x6, squats from 275x12 to 335x12, pullups increased 8 reps, I could go on and on. My BW went from about 214 at 15% and is now around 210 at 6 or 7% (diet's improved). I can see my intercostals, striations on chest, quads, etc., veins (never had them before) appearing on my arms, chest, shoulders, and legs.

    500-800mg is actually a smaller dose of PH considering most guys running 1-test cyp and 4ad cyp are doing double that. But 5aa cyp is by far the most impressive steroid I've ever run.

  7. Uh, I hope no one is running 1600 mgs of 1-test cyp a week.


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