Andropen New Cycle. Is this ok?

  1. Andropen New Cycle. Is this ok?

    This is my 1st cycle. I started Wednesday with 225mg of Andropen. Gona be doing 550mg per week for 10 weeks. I'm taking Arimidex every other day for my Estrogen levels. I'm taking 7 capsules of N2guard everyday with omega 3 tablets, vitamins etc.
    Pct - I will using, nolvadex, clomid, unleashed and forma stanzol.

    Should I add deca in there every 2 weeks? I dont really want to but I know it's great for bulking and muscle joints.

    I just want to see if this is a decent 1st cycle. It's nothing crazy, but u want to make sure I'm doing it right. I'm not going to be abusing steroid, I just need some help! Lol.


  2. Deca should be taken once a week, and for at least 10-12 weeks. Being your first cycle I wouldn't put it in. Save it for later use.

  3. ok thanks. does the cycle look ok apart from the deca issue? i think it looks ok, but wanted advise from you guys

  4. I'd drop the Armidex unless I started having estrogenic sides. Was curious about your weekly dose of 550mgs. Looks like your Andropen is 225mgs? Twice a week at that dose would be 450mgs.

  5. yeah sorry that was a typo, im doing 550mg a week, so 275mg each time.

    with regards to the arimidex, if i do take it without having signs is that bad? also what signs would i notice? puffy nipples etc?

  6. If the adex brings estro too low it could diminish your gains. If you want to take it just for comfort reasons then run it low. Also you don't need the it for next time

  7. Also if andropen has propionate in it...which I'm pretty sure it need to take it every other day to keep blood levels stable. If not your asking for sides

  8. i thought the blood levels would stay level with andropen.. what do you suggest a week then? 3x per week? 180mg each time?

    and i was taking half an arimidex every 2 days..

  9. How many mg are your adex?

  10. What exactly is in the andropen?

  11. too be honest im not sure on the names of whats in the andropen, im at work and i need to see the vial.

    The adex tablets are very small. im not 100% on that either without looking at the packet :S


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