OK guy new hear and need alittle help . i am 42 year old 6'3 and 294 lbs to start a cycel of anabol i have 500 10 mg tab how many a day and win ?

  2. What is your bf%, and history of anabolics?

  3. 28% give or take and no history of anabolics

  4. What is your goal w the anabol?
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  5. what is anabol?

  6. more size and strength

  7. anabol and dianabol are one of the same

  8. didnt know if you meant anadrol

    and i have no idea why you're taking it then at that size, weight, and bf%.

  9. Start at 40mg a day, taking 20 earlier on, and 20 about an hour or so pre workout, can bump up to 50 or 60, last dose being taken after your workout.
    Make sure you take them with some fats (coconut oil or something) for better solubility. And take some liver support, but take it before bed so you don't interfere w the orals.
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  10. ok mr jamesm11 what do youn mean ? BY that sir

  11. thanks fl3x magnum i have the liver support and fish oil will try it

  12. i'm not insulting you at all. i apologize if it came out that way

    #1 you're already very heavy and big, not saying "fat" probably pretty damn bulky/powerlifter build. dianabol is gonna bulk you up more

    #2 Usually people don't mess around with anabolics unless they are under 15%, closer to 10%bf because they results are much more pronounced

    #3 Why not use injectables? Easier on your body, you can run them longer, and the results are easier to keep. Plus test will help you slim down

    I, again, apologize for the tone, it's the internet and can be read that way. I'm saying that at your age you could probably get on TRT if your doctor is familiar and comfortable with it, or inject test and do a 3 month cycle with greater and more maintainable results.

  13. thank fOR the info . like i sed this is my frist time out did not know that about the bf% my gold is 300 lbs with about 12 to15 %FB may be i'm doing the wrong way ??? that way i ask every one . to see if i'm do this right way . frist cycle on any thing . thank again for the info

  14. I was told this was the way to start off

  15. honestly it's usually easy to cut down your bf and then bulk back up.

    cutting makes your body somewhat depleted and then when you try to bulk back up it is more primed to grow.

    Maybe it is broscience at least that is my experience. I hope others can chime in to help you.

    For cutting bf you can calculate your LBM and eat 10-12 per lb. So if you are 294 and 28%bf that means you have 211 lbs of lean body mass and 80+ lbs of fat (294 x .72). So by this method you would eat around 2200-2500 calories a day.

    it'd take about 7-9 months to achieve this goal at 2lbs a week lost. You can try stuff like ECA, TTA-500, etc to lose weight and ECA will suppress your appetite.

    Once again, hope others can give input


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  18. Quote Originally Posted by CLEAN42
    28% give or take and no history of anabolics
    Oh chit, uh.... Dang.


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