1. Thumbs up Dianabol HELP ON 1ST CYCLE

    Hi Guys, i know i was recently talking about pinning with test as a first cycle but Iv been speaking with a few people and have decided to go with a lowish dose of dianabol for 4 weeks.. If i dont go too crazy with dianabol and drink plenty of water will that be ok for 1st time? i dont drink alcohol so liver damagage shouldnt be a problem.

    Basically i will be taking N2Guard and HC Generate through my cycle and PCT, aswell as using forma stanzol as PCT. I already have all of this. Is there anything else i should include in this cycle?

    I would be gratefull for any help!


  2. Might want to consider running an A.I, depending on how gyno prone you are and how you handle bloating.

    Better yet, might want to consider running a different oral e.g. PH like H-drol, P-mag, EPI.

    Personally, if I had access to test then that would be my first choice.

  3. Thanks bashman, iv been advised on nap 50s but I'm really worried about taking them. Extreme side effects iv heard. I really don't know what route to go.. Pin or oral.

  4. This post an be deleted. I think I'm going down the route of naps now. Thanks though. I have a new thread if anyone could advise? Cheers

  5. No not craps there plenty of better sourced than craps.

  6. Really? This must be a joke.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b
    Really? This must be a joke.
    Is what a joke? the fact that I'm asking questions that I don't know the answers too?


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