need m4ohn experience/knowledge

  1. need m4ohn experience/knowledge

    hey dudes, i'm thinking 100 doses @ 5ml/(1tsp) of liquid containing total 1gm of m4ohn. that would make 1 tsp/5ml/10mg servings. i'd like to put this in say olive oil. is this a reasonable idea? & how's the best way to prepare this?

  2. Using this for a suspension will work. It is easy and cheap. Best way to prepare? Add the 1000mg to the 500ml of olive oil gradually, while stirring.

    Just make sure it is well shaken/stirred before you dose it out. It will probably be a suspension, not completely dissolved, so some may (or may not) settle out at the bottom.

  3. At 500 ml of EVO you should be fine either way. It might be a solution or it might be a suspension or partial suspension but who cares, it works the same At 200 ml it will definitely settle out and even form an almost waxy layer on the bottom so you'll have to shake the hell out of it before every dose. No big deal as it still works fine.

  4. thanks guys i'm going to try it right now. have a great week/end.

  5. Check this thread I started over in the Conversions section of the board... oral solutions

    I made my M4OHN suspension and turned out very nicely.

  6. Here is the thread I just started, if I would have known, I'd of posted here or on cuffs thread. Here ya go:


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